Client Testimonials Attorney at law in Spring Lake Heights

I cannot say enough about Keith Singer and how helpful he has been to me  and my family. We first enlisted his expertise many years ago when we  bought our home. Since then, my wife and I have started our new careers  as real estate agents and recommend him exclusively to all of our  clients. Mr. Singer’s secretary Marion is an absolute joy to work with.  She is very experienced and extremely patient. Mr. Singer is a true  professional who will make your needs a priority and always answer any  questions or concerns you may have. You won't find a better attorney in  New Jersey!   Joe Murphy Century 21 


I am so happy that I chose to Keith and team to work with.  As a first time home buyer, I felt very much in the dark about the process.  Especially, since the first purchase was from a bank which can be kind of tricky.  When I enlisted, Keith, he went well above and beyond what was required to make sure I was educated and comfortable with every step of the process.  He offered unbiased guidance, that I can't be more thankful for.  He protected me and that's what you hire a lawyer for in this process.  This office worked with the highest honesty and integrity you could ever hope for.  Marion, was also such a pleasure to work with throughout the process.  They also worked extremely fast, and we're able to provide me great recommendations on a number of services I was going to need for renovations.  I really couldn't ask for better treatment.  If you are evaluating which lawyer to use, I highly highly recommend Keith. Brian Pease

Spring Lake Heights

 It is always a good feeling when you know someone is looking out for your  best interests. Keith Singer has helped myself, my family as well as my  business (Kintech Printing & Direct Mail). From legal help regarding  important business documents to making sure my family is protected  Keith has been there. I highly recommend Keith A. Singer, Esq.!   GP Kintech 

 I  was first referred to Keith A. Singer by close friends when I was  purchasing a home. Attorney Singer and Marion made the process seamless  and almost enjoyable. I have since referred Attorney Singer to family  members for all their real estate legal needs. Attorney Singer's  attention to detail and broad legal knowledge are only second to his  executive assistant, Marion's, personal attention and thoroughness. I  wouldn't trust any other attorney with the sometimes-complex demands of  real estate transactions or business law.  
Michael Auletta  

Mr. Singer represented my family and me on the sale and the purchase of our  homes. His expertise had made us feel protected and at ease by keeping  us well informed during the entire process. Marion and Mr. Singer were  always available to answer any and all questions.  The office made both  real estate transactions run smoothly.  It was a pleasure meeting Mr.  Singer, Marion and Lynn."  For excellent legal advice, I highly  recommend Mr. Singer! Thank you,  Lisa Lewis 

Keith  and his team went above and beyond with my real estate transaction to  ensure I closed on time. They were readily available and very helpful in  answering any and all questions or concerns. I would and do recommend  them to all my friends and family.  M. Galasso 

We  were recommended to Keith Singer, Esq. by our accountant, when we  inherited my family’s estate.  Keith was extremely helpful in walking us  through the many filings that had to done to take title to the all the  assets and properties of the estate, especially since some were in  another state.  He often gave very helpful advice on how to best proceed  in the decisions we needed to make.  His office manager, Marion, was  always pleasant and helpful about quickly getting answers to our  questions and in sending/receiving forms that we had to fill out and/or  be kept for our records.  It was overall, a very pleasant experience in  us employing Keith Singer’s services.   Pam and Randy Rossman 

I met Keith Singer in 2013.  He is very knowledgeable in all facets of  law including estates, trusts, real estate transactions, and business  acquisitions.   His office manager, Marion, is very friendly and  helpful.  I would highly recommend Keith Singer for all your legal  needs.  Michael Serico, CPA 

I was referred to Keith Singer by a colleague and friend because I was  interested in starting my own physical therapy practice.  Keith and his  assistant Marion were pleasant and always quick to respond to any  questions I may have had.  Their level of professionalism is  commendable.  In addition to walking me through the steps of starting a  practice, they also helped me with the short sale of my home.  I am  lucky to have found them and I will gladly recommend them to anyone!   Thomas DiPaolo 

Keith  is excellent working with other colleagues and referring business. He  is also truly respectful of clients sent his way, working with the  utmost diligence and honesty. We have had success in our past working  with and managing referral groups to help build our and others  businesses.  I recommend Keith to be a valuable asset and prominent  attorney for any client's real estate and other legal needs. 
Daniel Tuzzio, CPA 

Let  me start off by saying, you will not find a better law firm than Mr.  Singers!! I have now used Mr. Singers office twice and couldn't be  happier. I cannot recall a time that I could not get a direct answer,  Mr. Singer and his staff are always on the ball. I have found Mr.  Singer’s office a constant rock while doing business with, their ability  to follow up with you and the issue at hand is impeccable. Thank you  again for all your help and I look forward to dealing with you in the  future!"  V. Mastronardi 


I  call each and every one of you the DeMarco Dream team because all of  you made our dreams come true. We are celebrating our 1st Christmas in  our new home because of all you. We thought this could never happen and  it did. God Bless You All. Your hard work, dedication, professionalism  and loving support helped my family get their own home this year. I know  our case was a tough one and we learned a very expensive mistake. But,  I've taught the kids when they get older to make sure to always have  something in their name. If they do this, they will always have a home  of their own and never be thrown in the street again. But please know  this, from the bottom of our hearts literally, my family and I want to  Thank each and every one of you. We consider all of you our Family and  we love you all.  R & D Demarco