Real Estate Practice

Keith A. Singer has extensive experience in all aspects of Real Estate Law in the State  of New Jersey, should you require representation call for a free  consultation (732) 749-3700

Generally speaking real estate  closings are an effort among attorneys, realtors, paralegals, title  agencies and lenders to coordinate the real estate contract, financing,  and timing. Much experience and logistical skill is required, the amount  of forms and requirements can be daunting.  


The Law office of Keith A. Singer provides professional  services and experience in this area so that the significant  transaction is closed seamlessly for each client. The Real Estate Area  of practice includes but is not limited to the following:​ 

  • Commercial, residential, office, industrial and shopping center properties.
  • Developers of residential, commercial, industrial and office properties.
  • Landlord and tenant representation
  • Commercial and residential buyers and sellers
  • Tax Appeals
  • Planning Board Representation
  • Environmental Issues and Representation
  • Short Sales and Foreclosures.
  • New Construction
  • Residential leases, and commercial leases
  • Real estate disputes
  • Real estate broker issues
  • Construction defects and mechanic's liens
  • Land use and zoning matters